Are your people performing at their
best? Are people self motivated in
your organization?

Askgeet HRD Solutions offers growing companies and Small and Medium Enterprises
(SMEs) services in building Human Resource Development Systems.

Business plans require a clear Vision, capable and motivated workforce, interconnected with
shared values and Culture to keep pace.Based on an assessment we design the
HR architecture and monitoring framework you require to achieve the entrepreneurial Vision:

- Organization Structure, Hierarchy and Jobs

- Performance Measurement and Standards

- Policies and Work Processes

- Learning & Employee Development

During implementation we work from within so that the new structures and Job Descriptions,
Policies and New Processes, Profiles and Key Result Areas are fully imbibed by the employees.
Training and frequent eLearning drives the cultural transformation.

It is truly a client led initiative!

Connect The Dots

TraCX - Personality Development Program

TraCX is short for “Training for Career Excellence”. It is a result-oriented programme designed to prepare final year professional school graduate for their placement interview, This is coaching for interviews. Education has not prepared them to get an entry into a career. TraCX does.  know more +

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Beliefs power our actions, so make it a positive one!

That our beliefs are all powerful, empowering us to become superheroes or keep us maimed and chained to our weaknesses. Nowhere is it shown more graphically than in Danny Boyle’s “127 hours”. Another masterpiece in the genre of “Joy of life conquers all”.

In this true tale of an ordinary man,. Aron Ralston, an inconsequential guy with a love for canyoneering. While on one of his treks through “ Blue John”: in Utah,

a careless slip traps his arm between a rock and the canyon wall. And in the struggle to save himself, capsulated in a 2 hour movie we see Aron’s transforma-tion to an extraordinary one; we see the birth of supreme courage.  know more +

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